Well first of all it's not about us, it's about you. Every single one of us got in this business to help you improve your mental and physical health. We find meaning, inspiration, and personal satisfaction every time you move to feel your best. All we want to do is be a part of it. 


But maybe you won't let us be a part of it until you know a little bit about our past. The business was opened in 2014 by a physical therapist looking for another challenge. While he was figuring out how to run a gym, he hired a seasoned veteran who had been in the industry for 15 years already, as the general manager. John Carrico, born and raised in Seattle WA, came aboard and developed it into a place of community. In October 2019 John and his wife Jess bought the business and continue to be active in its growth on a daily basis. 


You are the hero of this journey, we are only the guide. Thank you for letting us be a part of your adventure. 

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As of June 20, 2020, NW Fitness opened under Phase 2 guidelines. This means we have a 13 person maximum occupancy and can only be open during staffed hours. Below you will find important, time-sensitive information for this next phase of operation at the gym.

NW Fitness Staffed Hours
Monday - Friday: 6am-9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am-6pm

We plan to open up 24/7 once we are given the green light by Governor Inslee.

Covid19 Health and Safety Planning

What we have done to keep you safe:

  • increased deep cleaning from 2x week to 7x week with cleaning high frequency touch areas multiple times throughout the shift

  • installed 5 hand sanitizer stations

  • masks are available for purchase if you don't have your own

  • gloves are provided

  • provided enough disinfectant spray bottles and cloths for each member to have their own to carry around and use during their workout

  • provided thermometer gun for self-screening/employee screening

NW Fitness Member Contract

Your entry to the gym is dependent on consenting to this agreement for the health of our community.The following guidelines must be followed while using our facility:

  • I will wear a mask covering both my nose and mouth while in the facility.

  • I will maintain at least 6’ from others in the gym. I will wait for and communicate with my fellow NW Fitness community if I need to walk in a direction they are present to coordinate passing with the CDC suggested 6’ social distancing.

  • I will carry a disinfectant spray bottle with me during my workout and clean each piece of equipment before and after using it.

  • I will frequently wash my hands/use hand sanitizer throughout my workout, including washing my hands upon entering the facility.

  • If I have a temp>100.4, cough, shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste/smell, congestion/runny nose, or sore throat I will not enter the facility for at least one week after symptoms resolve.

  • If I or someone I have been exposed to has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days, I will inform NW Fitness of this case as soon as possible.

Members that do not follow these guidelines risk termination of their membership.

How will you know if the gym is at capacity? Great question! Feel free to call us to find out: 206-462-4308.

Group exercise classes are canceled for now due to issues with staffing created by the new Phase 2 guidelines. We hope to get these going again soon!


Our gym sucks more than any other gym!  No, seriously, the HVAC system in the 9th & Jefferson building of HMC is a hospital-grade air system.  It averages about 6-8 air changes per hour, and circulates up to 80% fresh air.  The entire system gets regular preventative maintenance, including filters and belts changed regularly. So when we say we suck more, it’s because we do.. well, the HVAC does!

Coming up soon: The airPHX

We are kicking sanitation up a notch with oxidation technology, airPHX. Considered to be the gold standard in continuous cleaning of the air and surfaces, AirPHX removes pathogens from AIR and SURFACES by using atmospheric cold plasma to change a small percentage of the oxygen molecules in the air into a unique spectrum of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that kill bacteria, viruses, and mold. First, airborne pathogens are destroyed as air circulates through the unit. Then, air containing oxidizing molecules circulates through the club. This effectively reduces all air and surface pathogens throughout the gym. Most importantly, it eliminates 95% of influenza, coronavirus, norovirus, MRSA, Staph, athlete’s foot and over 30 additional common bacteria and viruses.


But is it safe? The only activated air that exits the units are trace levels of hydrogen peroxide in gas phase at levels below 1/10th of the OSHA 8 hour exposure limit. Click here for safety data sheet.  



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