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We never underestimate the power of community. A Seattle, WA

gym & wellness space designed to lift yourself up and bring

others along with you. 


Lift local means supporting your neighbors.

It means a gym that includes everyone, a place to celebrate

and respect all bodies. Regardless of how you love

to move, we have what you need to get your sweat on.





We bring family to fitness. After buying the Seattle gym in late 2019, our owners, John and Jess, worked to create a gym & wellness space which reflected the personal atmosphere of a family-owned business and delivered the range and variety of a commercial gym. 


Using skills gained from years as a nurse working with marginalized populations, Jess has dedicated her

time to create a gym experience where everyone feels seen and capable. Her passion? Helping people meet both physical and emotional goals through healthy movement. 


John is a Seattle native that brings 20 years of experience in the fitness industry to the table. Motivated by bringing people together through the common goal of self-improvement, he uses his knowledge to help transform lives. For him, providing the tools for people to create their own change is what it’s all about. 


The heart and soul of our business? Vivienne, the daughter of John and Jess. She is a passionate reminder of why we work hard in the present to improve the future. A strong girl, who encourages us to remain curious, practice kindness and celebrate perseverance.




Healthy movement changes lives. A healthy version of you is the most helpful thing to society. By creating a safe space for all folx, we strive to be a welcoming piece of the First Hill Community. 


We are excited to provide a place for people to engage in exercise, regardless of their access to outdoor space at home. Whether you love yoga, strength-training, cardio, group fitness classes or dance, we make sure we have the equipment you need.                    

About Nw Fitness Gym FirstHill



Community — Build confidence. Challenge yourself. Express happiness. Be safe. Feel supported. 


Empowerment —Inspire others to create a sense of strength. Improve everyone’s quality of life. 


Respect — Unbiased respect for the rights, values and beliefs of everyone. Recognize and reflect our changing and adapting community. Create inclusive spaces for current and future members. Honor all bodies. 


Fun — Exercise for the fun of it. Laugh with your neighbors. Keep our movement time effective and rewarding, but keep it light too.

Cleanliness — Leave it better than you found it.



    A member must submit a CANCELLATION FORM a minimum of 15 days prior to their draw date. No cancellations will be accepted over the phone, by email, text, or social media message.
    A member can transfer their membership to another individual with a $50 transfer fee. This individual must complete all necessary documentation and provide a method of payment for the membership to be officially transferred.
    A member may upgrade their membership by paying the difference in the Assessment Fee. For example: The Traveler to The Resident by paying $50. A member may upgrade from The Resident to The Seattleite simply by paying the prepaid membership fee. A membership downgrade can be completed for a $25 transaction fee. ​
    A member can fill out our FREEZE MEMBERSHIP form 15 days before their draw date. A frozen membership will be charged $10/month!
    Members can refer their friends/family members as long as they live or work within 2 miles of the facility. NO REFERRALS FROM OUT OF TOWN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. A referral will be given 1 free week pass & session with a trainer. All necessary documentation must be filled out and prospects entered into the system. If that individual signs up the original member will be given a promotional item (currently 3 personal training sessions).
    The minimum age to use the facility is 12 years old with adult supervision. A waiver can be filled out by an underage member's guardian to use the facility without supervision if 16 years old +, but must be approved by a manager/owner before allowed. ​
    We're all about fun, sweat, and creating a kick-butt fitness environment! But let's also talk about the rules of the game, so we can all stay fabulous and keep crushing those goals together. Here's the lowdown: 🚫 Zero Tolerance for Nonsense: We don't play nice with violence, harassment, or any kind of discrimination. It's an instant ticket out the door if you go there. Let's keep it respectful and uplifting! 🌈✨ 🙅‍♂️ No Sneaky Guest Appearances: Sorry, but no free rides for friends. Sharing your barcode without permission? Membership terminated, just like that! 🚫👋 🤒 Sick Days = Gym-Free Days: If you're feeling under the weather, please stay home and recover. We'll be here when you're back in action! 🤧🏡 🎵 Rock Out with Headphones: We all love a good workout jam, but let's keep it in our ears, not on speaker. Headphones = music freedom! 🎧🎶 🏋️ Rack 'Em Up: After you've worked those muscles, be a champ and return your weights and equipment to their homes. No one likes a messy gym. 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ 🧼 Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize: Keep it clean, folks! Wipe down your equipment after use so we can all enjoy a germ-free gym. 🧽🦠 🔐 Lock It Up: Protect your valuables! Use the lockers, and remember, we're not the superheroes of lost stuff. 🦸‍♀️🔒 💥 No Gym Dropping Dramas: We're here to lift, not slam! Respect the equipment and keep the noise down. No gym tantrums allowed! 🙉💢 📵 No Texting, Just Flexing: Get off your phone when you're on the equipment. Focus on those gains, not your latest texts. 🚫📱 Cover Those Gains: Show off those muscles, but keep it stylish! Shirts are a must, because working out with flair is how we roll. 💪👕 Breathe Easy & Clean: We're all about the fitness high, but please, no vaping, illicit drugs, or smoking. Let's keep the air fresh for those lung-busting reps! 🚭 Stay Awake & Activate: Save your zzz's for bedtime. Our gym is for working out, not napping. 💤🚫 📵 No Phones in the Workout Zone: We're all about the gains, not the phone calls. Please save phone conversations for the bathroom or outside. 🚫📱💪 Now that we've got the rules down, let's get back to the business of smashing our fitness goals and having a blast while we do it. You've got this, NW Fitness Fam! 💪🔥



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google review
"I’ve been going here for a year, and I love it!! There’s all the equipment you need, and it’s always clean. The staff is lovely and very helpful. The gym feels homey and never too busy. Worth every dollar ❤️"

Yusuf Dineh

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