️NW Fitness wants to grow in community with you! We are starting a book club, intially reading books centering on social justice in wellness. We may expand this focus as we go. It's the perfect season to grab a cup of tea, curl up on the couch and dive in with us!

Let's get on the same page...

  • Come with a sense of inquiry! Ask questions, listen to others experiences, and lean into the uncomfortable.

  • Do not expect or ask BIPOC in your world to educate you or tell you how to become anti-racist-that is request is asking them to perform emotional labor for things you can easily google or look up on your own.

  • Be respectful, kind, and compassionate towards one another.

  • There is no such thing as “reverse racism”.

  • There will be mistakes-we will say things that will come out wrong or not the way they intended. If feeling upset about something someone has said, allow them grace and gently ask them what they intended by their statement. This is a space for growth and understanding. We are all learning, even the moderators.