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Yoga Specialist & Personal Trainer


Coming from a background in dance and athletics, Erin started on her
Yoga Journey after stumbling across an incredible teacher back in
2011 in Austin, Texas. After a Sudden rush of improvement in all walks
of life (physical, mental, and emotional), she ditched her desk job to
attend a teaching certification program. She started with small and 
private classes out of her home, then moved on to studios, and then
helped start a partnership of travelling yogis that brought the practice
directly to businesses and state agencies during  their lunch hour. In
2020 she got her ACE Fitness Instructor certification and took on
private clients, expanding her knowledge of the body and the tools we
can use to challenge it, and bringing yogic principles such as breath
and proper muscle recruitment into weight lifting and HIIT training. It
has been a humbling, centering, enriching experience to date, and she 
looks forward to learning more and more from her students and her
practice in the coming years.

When she's not on the mat, Erin is either busy producing and
participating in various theatrical and storytelling events, or posting
photos of her feline bodhisattvas on Instagram. While new to
Seattle, she's jumping right into this wonderful city by hiking, kayaking,
and enjoying the nightlife. A total water baby and an ex competitive
swimmer, she can't wait for to get warm enough to jump into every
body of water withing a 100 mile radius. ;)

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