Kettlebell With one simple implement, we can target muscle imbalances, improve range of motion, rehabilitate nagging soft tissue injuries, and increase lean mass and strength. This weekly kettlebell workshop will broaden your individual horizons, get the heart rate up, and get us outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Seattle summer! Programming will be done for you, the only things you’ll need are a positive attitude and a great work ethic! Expect to work a little differently than you perhaps had in the past, kettlebells are a different animal from barbells or dumbbells. Let’s get stronger!

Meet Chris
Wednesday 12-12:45PM
Thursday 7-7:45AM

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Bootcamp incorporates a wide variety of fitness disciplines to help strengthen and lengthen the body for more strenuous exercise. It includes movements from yoga, calisthenics, balance and corrective training to provide an experience that is safe and effective. If you have muscle imbalances, are a beginner, or you want to work on mobility, endurance, and balance issues, this is class for you. Bootcamp won’t be as strenuous as a lot of other conditioning classes but you’ll come out of it stronger and with a greater understanding of your own body.

Meet Nick
Tuesday 12:05-12:50PM
Wednesday 5-5:45PM

Yoga This type of class is geared towards yogis of any level & athletes on their rest day, or as a low-intensity add-on to a light training day and would benefit athletes and yogis at any phase of training or experience. The intention is to bring balance and restoration to the nervous and muscular systems.

Meet Jess
Mondays 7-7:45AM
Tuesdays 5:15-6PM