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*No Strength & Conditioning 7/25, 7/27, & 8/10
*No Olympic Lift 7/26
*Vinyasa Starting 8/04


“Being new to yoga, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I did know that I needed to do something for my body and mind, with a busy work schedule that has me seated in front of a computer 8+ hours every day and a workout schedule that has me on my road bike for some 500 miles every month. All of this a recipe for sore muscles seemingly always on the verge of injury. Working with Jess has been awesome! She literally took me under her wing and taught me a host of positions that have helped introduce flexibility into this rigid rod that I call my body. But more importantly, she has taken the time to care about me as a person and to help me keep both life and body on track. If you think you want to start doing this…stop thinking and start doing!” 


Deborah A. Schwarz, Ph.D.


Bootcamp A full body workout on your lunch break. Great for strength gain, cardio, and mobility!

Meet John
Monday 12-12:45PM
Thursday 12-12:45PM

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING We will utilize the 3 main compound lifts(squat, bench, and deadlift), olympic weightlifting (snatch and clean) and high intensity cardio intervals for one fun and sweaty workout. Each class will break down the movement, provide modifications and progressions into the full movement pattern, making it open to all fitness levels. Come have fun while getting stronger and faster at the same time!

Meet Alexis
Monday 7-7:45PM
Wednesday 7-7:45PM


FUNCTIONAL FIT incorporates a wide variety of fitness disciplines to help strengthen and lengthen the body for more strenuous exercise. It includes movements from yoga, calisthenics, balance and corrective training to provide an experience that is safe and effective. If you have muscle imbalances, are a beginner, or you want to work on mobility, endurance, and balance issues, this is class for you. Bootcamp won’t be as strenuous as a lot of other conditioning classes but you’ll come out of it stronger and with a greater understanding of your own body.

Meet Nick
Friday 8-8:45AM

The Power Hour: It's a party in the olympic lifting section! (and you're invited!) Each week we focus on one compound lift(squat, deadlift, bench press). This class will have that group-meet feel where we all cheer each other on, and see what our mind and bodies are truly capable of. Great for experienced lifters who want a challenge for beginners who are interested in taking their strength to the next level! 

Meet Josh
Saturday 10-10:45AM


Olympic Lift Ever seen those weightlifters in the Olympics throw massive weights over their heads? Well we have a class that can get you versed in such a sport. Whether you want to increase your ankle or shoulder mobility, improve your squat, or get skilled in a clean and jerk. This class is good for athletes of all ages, disciplines, and strength levels. Olympic Lift is open to all!

Meet Nick I
Tuesday 9-9:45AM


Yoga with Haley: This class focuses on pairing breath with movement and is available for all levels. Haley willl add variations to challenge & explore your body. You will leave class with a deeper connection to your strength & self.

Meet Haley
Tuesday 9-9:45AM
Thursday 9-9:45AM


Core Blast with Josh: Together we will work our abdominal and back muscles hard. This class includes intense all around core conditioning, and  improvements to your balance, posture and stability. All ages and all fitness levels will be welcomed down to the core.

Meet Josh
Friday 12-12:45PM

Gentle Vinyasa Flow with Kass: this class is an energizing sequence of classic vinyasa postures mixed with stretching fundamentals to amplify recovery. All levels welcome. Come relax and restore!

Meet Kass
Tuesday 5-5:45PM
Sunday 10-10:45AM