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Please use our app (link in header) or look below for our group exercise class schedule. Registration is required.

We at NW Fitness want everyone to have the opportunity to experience our group exercise classes. One of our top priorities as your Fitness Coaches is to keep you committed to your goals. To make sure we can accommodate everyone who wants to take classes, we are introducing a class reservation and cancellation policy:


Failure to cancel a reservation prior to six hours of a class's start time and no shows will result in a “no show/late cancellation fee” charge of $10.00. (If there should be a sudden emergency within the six hour window, please email

Use the NW Fitness Connect app to cancel your group class reservation. This is the ONLY way to cancel a class. Classes cannot be canceled via Social Media, emails, phone/text. If you need assistance on understanding HOW to cancel a class, please let us help.


“Being new to yoga, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I did know that I needed to do something for my body and mind, with a busy work schedule that has me seated in front of a computer 8+ hours every day and a workout schedule that has me on my road bike for some 500 miles every month. All of this a recipe for sore muscles seemingly always on the verge of injury. Working with Jess has been awesome! She literally took me under her wing and taught me a host of positions that have helped introduce flexibility into this rigid rod that I call my body. But more importantly, she has taken the time to care about me as a person and to help me keep both life and body on track. If you think you want to start doing this…stop thinking and start doing!” 


Deborah A. Schwarz, Ph.D.

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