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Our personal trainers are some of the best in Seattle. We focus on your fitness AND wellness to deliver a personalized experience to each individual client. You won't find as wide cast of personalities and fitness philosophies anywhere else in Seattle. Whether you want greater balance and stability, a larger list of exercises, or guidance to a heavier squat, we have a trainer for anyone and everyone.


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Personal Training Cancellation Policy
Personal Training Justice Pricing


NW Fitness respects that your time is valuable and appreciates that you understand ours is too. Full payment will be charged if you reschedule or cancel a private or group session with less than 24 hour notice. If you are late for a private or group class the class will end at the original agreed upon time. Absence to a private or group lesson is non refundable.

This is an income based sliding scale pricing structure available to all members of our facility. The impetus of the policy was the protests of the murder of George Floyd, as we began to investigate ways to incorporate anti-racist work into our business structure. We are realizing that as individuals and as a community, on the whole, we need to do better for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color). Additionally, as a business and institution of health and wellness, we have an obligation to use our platform to do more for BLM. We need to take accountability, as Americans, for systemic injustices being perpetrated on our peers and fellow Americans. This system, which has allowed our European American ancestors and their descendants to flourish, has done so at the detriment of our African American ancestors and their descendants. We recognize this and recognize that it doesn’t represent who we are as individuals, a company or a country. As a result, we are making some changes in our business practices so our contribution doesn’t begin and end with lip service and hopefully actualizes the change we want and believe in. We are prioritizing ongoing conversations around anti-racism work and education on how to uplift BIPOC in the wellness community.


One of the ways we are doing this is by offering a sliding scale personal training rate discount due to the racial wealth gap in the US. Wealth gaps among races have grown since the 1970s due to social, political, and institutional factors outside BIPOC’s control. Given cost is a barrier to wellness resources, we will strive to remove this barrier from personal training in our facility. The wealth gap also impacts women and people in the LGBTQ community. The fee structure is based on gross annual income and is as follows:

<$60,000: hourly personal training rate is $10 off regular hourly fees

NW Fitness subsidizes the discount. Our trainers make the same amount per session regardless of a member's qualification for justice pricing.

To apply, please fill out the form in the link below along with emailing last year’s tax return to If there has been a change in pay since then, you may include a letter explaining the situation.

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