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Fitting Nutrition Into Your Fitness

One of the many things I love about fitness and the fitness industry is how malleable it can be. Two things that are complete opposites can both be true. Lifting heavy weights very slowly and lifting light weight very fast are both excellent in their own right. Some people look at burpees as a godsend; a total body movement that spikes the heart rate and is a great way to burn extra calories. Others look at burpees as a waste of time and largely punitive. And guess what? Both people are correct! Fitness is fluid, very little of it set in stone.

One area where that fluidity dries up, however, is how we fuel ourselves. It’s cliche, but you truly can’t out-train poor nutrition. Let’s frame this another way: would your car run better on premium gas, or maple syrup? I accept zero responsibility for anyone who attempts to answer that question.

The way that I describe the import of how we should view health to my clients is as follows:

30%- time spent in the gym

35%- food

35%- sleep

Did you think that lifting weights and cardio was the most important aspect? By a long way? Don’t be ashamed, most people do! Let’s frame this another way again: what percentage of your week is spent in the gym? Say you go 4x/week, and spend an hour in there. Anyone care to divide 4/168? Maybe 30% is generous.

Usher in the NWF Nutrition Challenge.The goal of our nutrition challenge is to educate our members about the importance of food as it relates to our goals.

Do you have goals? Spoiler alert- you do. No one has ever joined a gym without at least one goal in mind. For some it’s look better without a shirt. For some it’s to get stronger. Others want to lose weight. Some even want to impress someone they’ve had their eye on for awhile. All of those goals are completely legitimate. Remember the fluidity stuff?

More important: do you know how to get to where you’re trying to go? Do you know how many calories you should be consuming daily? How about if you’re getting enough protein? Fat? Carbs? Yes, carbs are our friend. No, they should not be heavily restricted. Your brain, the most scientifically advanced machine in the known universe, needs exactly two things to operate successfully, and one of those things is glucose. Still think carbs are the devil?

Luckily for you, your friendly neighborhood NWF Trainers can help! We all double as nutrition coaches and are incredibly excited to work with you. For $20 and 60 days of your life, both relatively low numbers all things considered, let us help you make a permanent change and maybe win some pretty cool prizes! Let’s get you on the InBody, find out where you’re at and where you want to be, and make a plan to get you there! Why did you sign up with us in the first place?

You’ll log your food everyday from May 16th- July 4th, using guidelines set for you by us. At the end of the competition we’ll look at who logged the most days, who checked into the club the most, and who stuck to their caloric requirements the best. It’s 60 days, gang. Make the change you’ve been wanting to make for years.

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