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NW Fitness Nutrition Challenge Results

The Nutrition Challenge results are in and they are impressive! As a reminder: from 5/16-7/4, 42 NW Fitness members committed to our very first Nutrition Challenge. First place gets $200, second gets a five-pack of the infrared sauna (score!) and third gets a free 1-month pass for a pal. The two dedicated trainers leading the way were Chris Spencer and Nick Ingram.


Chris: When I started this challenge, my ambitions were really born out of a desire to add to our members’ fitness journey. I was hoping that by getting people to log their food and take a more comprehensive approach to their diet, the results both in and out of the gym would be noticeable and sustainable.

We decided early on that the winners of the challenge would have to be chosen based on consistency and dedication, as opposed to overall results. We wanted to reward those that were able to take the 90 seconds every day to log their food into the app. Of the 42 people that signed up for the challenge, we’ve had some pretty great returns on our investment. Our top three were measured based on how many days they logged between May 16th and July 4th, how many times they checked into the facility, and how close they were able to stay to their caloric requirements.

As a trainer, measuring objective progress is always nerve-wracking. Even though I have supreme confidence in my clients and the work we’re doing, getting them on the InBody a second or third time always makes me nervous. It’s just natural I guess. I want so badly for the numbers to reflect all of the hard work we’ve put in. These second scans were no different. I’m sure I can speak for Nick here as well when I say that we want it just as bad as they do.

I was hoping at the end of this that we’d have one person who logged food every day. We ended up having two, and the results speak for themselves. It’s not that hard. Both Elliot and Patrick will tell you that. And I know if given the opportunity they’d both do it again six days a week and twice on Sunday.

1. Magnanimous King E Of Gainstopia: Elliot put in the work during the Fitness Challenge. He came into the challenge with some prior dieting experience, but struggled with staying consistent. The challenge helped him grow more consistent with dieting and gave him the experience to keep going with his weight loss journey. His main struggle was not going overboard during his cheat meals, which he managed to overcome with ease. Elliot lost 10.1lbs, gained 2lbs of skeletal muscle mass, and lost 4% body fat. With these results he definitely got what he wanted out of the Fitness challenge. Just like the rest of the participants, give this NWFitness Athlete a fist bump when you see him in the gym!

2. Honorable Prince P of Pumpville: Patrick came in second place. He lost 2.6% body fat, gained 4.9 lbs of muscle and gained 3.6 lbs overall. He and Chris have been working together twice a week for about 3 months now and the changes that Chris has witnessed him undergo have been profound and impressive. Chris knew that given how seriously Patrick took his training and adhered to the process that the Nutrition Challenge would not be super hard work for him.

Given his goals, Patrick was in the unique position of actually living in a caloric surplus during the challenge. Surpluses don’t always get the respect they deserve in terms of how difficult they can be; restricting calories has its own set of challenges but it can be incredibly difficult as well as incredibly expensive to eat clean in a surplus for months at a time. While I generally believe that most should feel what a surplus is like at least once, Patrick was able to stick to it and commit to eating even when he wasn’t hungry. He was able to keep his carbs up while keeping protein high, often having to get creative to do so. Coupled with his strength training to an exertion level at or near failure, we can witness the changes his body has undergone. Proud coach, party of one?

Patrick: The food logging challenge was something I believe was necessary as it was fun for me. It pushed me further along my recent fitness pathway to reaching higher and higher goals. Specifically what it did for me, it provided a new means to change my habits to better and healthier alternatives. Better eating habits, consistency with my workouts & nutrition and ultimately, discipline.

I have learned a significant amount about myself and what it takes to get there through the process of entering in my food data alongside the regiments provided to me via my personal trainer, Chris.

What it truly means is that great growth, at any stage in life, is not only achievable but it is necessary. This is something I will still continue to do each & every day and I implore anyone looking for a positive challenge for personal growth, to give it that long shot!

Thanks to everyone at NW FITNESS for providing this fun and life changing experience!


Nick: The Fitness Challenge was something I enjoyed seeing people take part in. Many of our regular gym goers took part in the challenge and even if they didn't win something tangible they still gained experience and knowledge on nutrition that they can carry with them and continue building onto for the rest of their lives. There were people that had no prior experience in tracking their calories, that saw major returns, and for those reasons I'm extremely proud of everyone that took part in the challenge and possibly stepping away from their comfort zones to make a major step towards change.

When it comes to the participants, there was one thing that a lot of them told me, and it was that this challenge was the push they needed to continue/start tracking their calories. Even if some of them didn't learn anything new, the simple fact that they had to track their food intake for a challenge gave many of the participants the momentum and skills needed to keep them motivated to continue tracking their own food intake.

3. Awe Inspiring Duke A of Crushingitopollis: Ahmed came in third place. He went into the nutrition challenge with prior experience with dieting; he knew what to tackle in regards to what he struggles with and had lost weight before. After a while, before the challenge, it was hard for him to start tracking again, the motivation to start wasn't there anymore. However, after the challenge he now feels like he's motivated to keep tracking his calories well after the nutrition challenge has ended. And for that we have to commend him. During the challenge he lost 7.7 lbs, gained 1lb of skeletal muscle mass and brought down his body fat percentage by 3.5%. If you can try to give this NW Fitness athlete a fist bump for putting in the work!

Honorable Mentions: Christina Pohlenz, Rohit Sharma, Hung Nguyen ... we see you ;) Valiant effort. A huge thanks to everyone that jumped on the train and rode it as far as they could. This will happen again and when it does we hope you will all join us in the quest for self betterment. You are Awesome


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