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Nutrition Challenge

I’d like to start this entry by thanking everyone who participated in our Nutrition Challenge. I’m keenly aware how easy it is to start something and bail on it after two weeks. If you’re still logging every calorie even after the challenge is complete, congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the end! Wasn’t so bad, right? It took 4 combined minutes of your day, and it hopefully helped you develop positive habits in regard to your food intake. Seems worthwhile to me!

Hopefully in the next week we all see some decently significant changes in our body composition and with that hopefully a sense of strength and confidence that may have been absent in the months previous. That’s ultimately why we did this- to enable a sense of accomplishment in our members and ensure that we’re getting the absolute most out of our membership.

Yes, the challenge is coming to an end. But do we have to stop logging food? I’d argue that we don’t. I think it boils down to the individual commitment level we all subscribe to regarding our fitness. I mentioned in each consult shortly after we all had mild electrical impulses surging through our bodies that the goal was to turn the 2 month nutrition challenge into a 4 month/8 month/12 month undertaking. That hope hasn’t wavered at all. Ask yourself- is it worth 4 minutes of my day to ensure that I’m eating relative to my health goals?

Can I watch 4 less minutes of Netflix each day?

Can I spend 4 less minutes on social media to take an actual positive step that could impact how long I live?

Can I just log each meal while I’m eating it?

If the answer to any of those are yes, I think we’ve already answered the question. Keep going. Log everyday. You spent the money on the membership, and maybe a trainer. You bought the new shoes. You invested in the protein powder and the Costco membership. Don’t you want to see this thing through with no regrets about whether you could have taken the extra step? What’s the worst that could happen.

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