I started going to nwfitness 2 years ago. It’s the gym you want. Friendly but not intrusive. All the machines you want. Never too many people. The staff is amazing. The trainers are there when you need them. Can’t recommend it enough, especially for beginners.


I don't know where to start with how awesome this gym is! Everyone on the staff is super friendly and helpful. John, the owner, is super energetic and passionate about a good member experience. Everything is always clean and in working order. They may not have the widest selection of specialty machines/equipment, but everything you need is there. The trainers are quite approachable and are happy to offer a spot or form check, or to suggest adaptations. They are going out of their way to keep
the gym available during COVID-19 (initially through online group classes, access to on-demand videos, etc., and now through solid hygiene measures) so that we can feel safe working out. As someone who gets intimidated by gyms sometimes, I can tell you that the "vibe" is very upbeat and positive.
A special shout out to the curly-haired girl at the front desk - she always sets a positive, energetic tone for your workout!


I started at this gym in July of 2019 after moving into a building near by.  What was great, was that I was able to get a deal when I got a year of membership at once.  Little did I know that the pandemic was coming, and I wouldn't be able to get into the gym for the last 3 months of that first year.

The owner is an absolutely fantastic guy, and after talking with him directly, he helped me out. He extended my membership by the three months I wasn't able to use, and is allowing me to renew at the same rate in the future.  

Besides the owner being a completely reasonable business person (rare in the world of gym meberships), all of the staff are incredibly friendly, have great trainers there to spot you or help out with work out questions.  Under phase 2 of the King County COVID requirments they're taking great care to make sure everyone stays healthy during their work outs, including taped off social distance areas, limited the number of people in  the gym to 13, and lifting equiptment in a seperate room previously used for group fitness classes.  I'm excited to be able to start lifting in a private room!

Additionally, in early 2020, they upgraded a lot of their equipment and added more racks. By far the best gym I've found for free weights and barbell lifting on the hill.


I've tried out a fair number of gyms throughout Seattle, and Northwest Fitness takes the cake! It's a small-medium sized gym that is never insanely crowded. For their smaller size, they somehow have every machine or piece of equipment (for cardio and weights) that you would want, AND at an affordable monthly cost. There is also a yoga room in the back if you want a more private, quiet space. They also offer some classes (I've only taken a few classes, but they were all good) and have fun, talented personal trainers. The whole gym and the bathroom are always very clean and they have a shower (I don't live nearby, so this was a must-have so that I could meet up with people for dinner after lifting). I always get a warm welcome at the front desk, and after a few weeks I was even welcomed by name, which just makes you feel at home.

I joined the gym in August 2019, right around the time they were switching to new ownership. They have been constantly upgrading and improving things, taking feedback from their members, and buying new equipment. They are also some of the nicest people you'll meet and they post hilarious memes in their instagram stories.

During COVID, I have decided not to go to the gym to protect a high-risk family member, so they have allowed me to put my membership on hold indefinitely for a small monthly fee. BUT it sounds like they are taking extreme measures to keep their gym safe and clean. If I felt comfortable going to any gym during COVID, it would be this one. I can't wait to get back there!