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Philosophy -  Bodies are amazing! They are fascinating and beautifully integrated ecosystems of balance to counterbalance engagements every day, all the time; and we don't even think about it, it just does all the things we ask it to for us! Fascinating ease and additional movement with the use of massage, stretching and exercising expands our potential ability, compounding our sense of empowerment of self. 


LMT - I'm a movement enthusiast; moving, doing things and I've always loved watching how people move. Whether it's in sports, play, performance, how we move to achieve our goals as individuals. It's how we connect with ourselves as well as to each other. Each activity has it's own muscle patterns. As a massage therapist, it's so great getting to be a part of a person being able to return to the fluidity of each of those movements.

  1.  15 years as an LMT, the first decade working with Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Doctors and other movement specialists

  2.  Symptom and problem are not always the same, limitations in the body are not always caused by where it is acutely felt and figuring out where the problem actually lies is so rewarding! Utilizing structural and fascial techniques alongside both active and passive stretching allows for profound results in a short period of time



AERIALIST - There's not enough play in the world, at what age did that nonsense become a thing? Having the availability of taking flight allows for dancing, stretching, strengthening to no longer be limited to one plane of existence. Playing within the 3 dimensional space of not only our bodies but our world is fabulously empowering! What a rush! And a workout. So good!



Would Tuesday the 5th work to come in and work on everyone?

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