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Welcome to Your Gym, Our Trainers (YGOT) Program, where fitness meets fun in the comfort of your own home or workspace! We're here to transform your condo, facility, or apartment complex into a self-care refuge. Get ready to sweat and smile with our on-site group exercise classes, including Bootcamp, Yoga, and more. Our expert trainers will have your tenants moving and grooving, while our fitness parties and nutrition guidance ensure a well-rounded approach to health. No more boring workouts or long commutes – with YGOT, fitness is convenient, engaging, and a fantastic community experience. Join the fitness party today and let's make your home/workspace the place to be for healthier and happier tenants/staff!


  1. 2 Hour Promo Table / $100 or free with an established event. This goes well with an established resident event or stand alone on a high traffic time of day. Includes discounted membership offer, protein bar and energy drink give away. 

  2. 2 Hour Fitness Party  /  $500  This is your stand alone, fitness themed resident event. Get your people moving and happy. Includes: Option 1 + fitness oriented games, free prize raffle and music. Guaranteed $500 worth of prizes given away. 

  3. 1 Hour On-Site Group Class  /  $350 (1-12ppl), $500 (12+)  Grow your community and increase the value of living or working in your building. Get people interested in your gym or take advantage of a common space to provide a new amenity. Popular class options: Yoga bootcamp, athletic mobility. *Per class price drops $50 if scheduled greater than once/month for a minimum of 3 months.


We can also provide one-on-one or small group on-site personal training. Contact us to find out more!

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