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The number of people picking up a driver for the first time has sky rocketed in the last few years and we are on board! With the help of Dr. Ryan Gutz, a downtown Seattle chiropractor, we are launching a new, sport specific training protocol: NWF Golf. This program is made for golfers trying to increase their drive, overall flexibility/power, and golf pain free for the rest of their lives. Set up a screen today and get vital information to improve your game right now.

Nw fitness Golf seattle


  1. Starts with an extensive 14 point screen to determine opportunities of improvement

  2. Followed by a swing analysis to measure joint angles and movement patterns to perfect your power output

  3. After full diagnostic, we build a strength and flexibility program designed to give you every advantage possible.

As we build and implement this program, Dr. Gutz (golf expert/Chiropractor) will be addressing structural barriers through monthly sessions at Graham Rehab, as well as keeping consistent communication to your NWF Golf Pro. Graham rehab accepts certain insurance coverage. Out-of-pocket cost for one session with Dr. Gutz is $100. 

Golf training

With multiple professional minds focused on your game you will see massive improvement in your swing and overall comfort while playing.


talk with our golf pro

one step closer to becoming a scratch golfer...


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