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Personal Trainer


Born in japan, I ventured to seattle after high school to pursue

Exercise Science. My journey led me from Shoreline Community

College to Seattle University, where i earned my Bachelor's in

Exercise Science and a Business Administration minor. At Seattle

University, my time at the Athletic Performance Center and Human

Performance Lab ignited my passion for strength and conditioning.

My mission is to enhance athletic  performance, not only for athletes

but for all who seek the joy of physical activity. I honed my expertise

in exercise programming and coaching techniques at APC, while

HPL added in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology.

My fitness journey began in high school when my dad gifted me a 

squat bench rack. With nearly 12 ears of soccer and multiple half

marathons under my belt I've specialized in training for soccer and

long-distance running. As a StrechLab practittioner, I'm happy to

answer your questions about self and assisted stretches to aid

recovery and boost your range of motion.

Education and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Kinesiology

CSCS(coming soon)

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