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Small Group Trainings are personal training sessions with up to 4 people, led by one of our trainers, with the aim of further progressing the fitness journey of our clients. An important distinction between Small Group Training and Fitness Class is - these are NOT the classes that are offered complimentary by the gym. Everyone in the Small Group Training will not be executing the same program each day. This is truly individual programming based on the goals of each particular member in class. Your trainer will have access to your fitness history and work with the rest of the staff on how to get you to where you want to go, as opposed to the more smash-and-grab nature of normal fitness classes.

Small Group Trainings are open to all. The ideal candidate is someone:


  • who has worked with a trainer in the past but who may have progressed out of the need for one-on-one supervision

  • with a background in weight training looking to get back on track​

  • with a desire to continue their journey with the help of one of our fitness professionals at a substantial discount​

​But again- it's open to everyone; there may be the need for several assessments for newer members, but that shouldn't dissuade anyone who may be interested.

small group training


  • Sign up for a monthly package of 4 or 8 sessions on the NW Fitness app or Member Portal, or through the front desk

  • Sessions will be billed monthly - you can cancel at any time. 

  • Unused classes can roll over for up to one month.

  • Register for the Small Group Training sessions of your choice on the NW Fitness app or Member Portal.

  • Registration for each group will close 24 hours before the class begins, so we recommend booking all classes early to ensure you get a spot!

  • 6 weekly time options


4 x60 minute sessions per month: $220

8 x60 minute sessions per month: $400


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