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Holidays & How to Avoid Major Setbacks

The holidays are approaching quickly! And like most, I’ll be eating way too much food and logging way too little of it. I think it’s important to keep in context what we’re trying to accomplish here. On our individual paths to health and wellness we have to remember that the relationships we forge and foster in our lives are a part of that. Weights are cool, but we have to keep some semblance of balance. Going to a family members or friends house for a dinner or a party or both should not be demonized. We need those interactions for our mental health. Being able to unplug and kick back with loved ones or friends can be a phenomenal way to recharge and get the central nervous system back to neutral.

I’ve answered a bunch of questions from clients over the years regarding what to do about food with the holidays coming up. My answer is always:

“Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about it. Give yourself a pass and time to recover and recharge and enjoy time spent with family and friends. The gym will be waiting for you when you get back. Eat the food, it’s delicious.”

It would be so hypocritical of me to tell a client that they can’t have more mashed potatoes or another cocktail at a party because I am for sure having more mashed potatoes and probably another whiskey. As a trainer my job does not stop as soon as the weight is put down. I aim for balance in every client’s life; we want an environment that is occupied by both obligations and time to relax. That is ultimately the shortest path to sustainable wellness.

If you have been logging food religiously and tracking your workouts for months- great! Keep doing that! But all progress will not be lost because you had a good blowout over the holidays. (In all honesty your next workout will probably be way better than you think because you have a bunch of sugary carbs in you waiting to be used). Don’t sweat it, get back on track the following week.

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