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What even is a 'Core'?

Core workouts are a dime a dozen in any program. And for a good reason, if we didn't have a core we wouldn't be able to stand up!

But where is it? Where's the core?

When people think of their core they probably think of these muscles:

Hey! Pay attention! Anyways...

And they wouldn't be wrong in thinking so, but they're also forgetting a couple more muscles that are a bit harder to show off in a selfie.

We would include these back muscles as a part of our core as well. Therefore when we think of our core we shouldn't be think of just our abs, but also everything that stabilizes our spine. And that knowledge is what we really want to take with us when we're doing any exercise that involves the core (almost every exercise does), and it will transform our health now and in the future.

Getting our back into gear only takes the addition of some glute bridges, superman holds, and planks with protracted shoulder blades to our core circuit, and we'll see a major return in a balanced body and a healthier spine!

If you want more exercises or are interested in adding some spinal stability into your life feel free to contact any trainer at NW Fitness and they'll be able to help you!

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